Conduit size calculator

In this post we’ll explain how you can use your Electrician Calculator Pro app for calculating required conduit size. The Electrician Calculator Pro features two different conduit sizing options:

  • Find the minimum conduit size for a given number of wires and wire gauges.
  • Find the maximum number of wires given a conduit size and wire gauge.

In this post we’ll explain how to calculate conduit sizing using the first option, and in a following post we will explain how to use the second option.


Minimum conduit size

First, from the main app menu select the “Conduit sizing” option.



There you will see two different options. For this tutorial, select the “Min. conduit” option.



You will see the screen below. In the first section, you must select the conduit type that you are using, and the cable insulation you want to use for the calculation. For this example, we will select EMT conduit type, and THHN/THWN/THWN-2 insulation.

Next you can enter up to three different types of wire gauges, and for each wire gauge enter any amount of cables. For this example we will assume there are two 12AWG wires, and one 10AWG wire. The third field can be left empty if it’s not used. Then, press the Calculate button to get your answer.


 The calculator will indicate the minimum conduit size you must use for these values. Also, it will give you the current conduit fill percentage.

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